Frequently Asked Questions


Are there sponsorships available?

Yes! We may be able to help send your child to camp. For families that require financial assistance to offset the cost of a week of camp, the camp has a sponsorship fund. Please don't hesitate to call the camp and ask for more information about camper sponsorships. If you'd like to apply, please download the application on from our Forms page.


What qualifications do your Summer Missions Team have?

All staff are required to submit a police and vulnerable persons check. Senior cabin leaders must be high school graduates. Main support staff go through a minimum two week staff training process covering One Hope Canada's In Safe Hands training (, emergency procedures, first aid training, code of conduct, fire and water safety, and child intervention and behavioural counselling issues.


Is my child too young to go to camp?

DTBC has camps for children and youth aged 6-18. Your child must be the minimum age for the camp they are applying for (age restrictions are shown on the camp schedule found on the home page). Please do not apply for a camp your child is too young for before calling the camp office (780 494 2103).


What are your specialty camps?

  • Leaders In Training Camp (LIT)

  • Day Camp

  • Family Camp

  • Girls Camp

  • BOLD Work Crew - Building on Leadership & Discipleship

  • Joy Day Camp  - for Adults with Special Needs

  • Boys Wilderness Camp

  • Teen Retreats

  • Easter Break Kids Day Camp

For a description of our specialty and regular camps, see our Summer Camps page.


Can I phone my child at camp?

The camp phone number is (780) 494 2103. We highly discourage parents from calling their children at camp as it tends to be a factor that encourages homesickness. If you are wondering how your child is doing, we encourage you first to call the camp and ask to speak to your child's cabin leader. Of course if a child is experiencing significant issues, it is our priority to contact their parents.


What is the food like?

The food may be the reason that your camper wishes to return again to camp! We offer healthy, regular meals, and an evening snack. Proper hydration of the campers is a priority especially in hot weather. An additional snack time is offered in the afternoon for campers who want to buy candy or soft drinks from the 'tuck shop' (tuck is included in their fees). If your child needs a special diet, please contact the camp, please note that if you need to send specialized food to camp for their diet that as we are a Nut free facility, Almond milk, Almond or Peanut flour is not approved.

What activities do you offer? Do the campers have to participate?

We strongly encourage all able campers to participate in the regular daily activity schedule. See the registration form for the campers' choice of activities to sign up for. Other typical activities in the daily schedule include: sports, wide games, team games, campfires, singing, bible lessons and memorization, chapels, cabin times, special meals, and other miscellaneous challenges and surprises.


What if my child gets hurt?

Our main cabin leaders are trained first aid responders, and will be aware of our emergency procedures. An onsite nurse or designated first aider will be immediately contacted to respond in the situation. If possible the child will be moved to the first aid station where first responder care will be applied. Parents will be contacted and if necessary (anything beyond the scope of our nurse or first-aider), the child will be moved to the Fairview hospital, or an ambulance called.


Can I visit the camp?

Visitors are always welcome, however it tends to be the main factor in homesickness beginning. Please visit the office upon arrival to sign in. We can give you any important information or instructions to help you find your child's activity area. We encourage parents to visit only briefly during the week (30 minutes) to avoid the possibility of homesickness. And of course, we always invite parents to come for our final week's-end chapel (usually Friday at 6:00PM).


How do you handle homesickness?

This is handled on a case-by-case basis, and measures are always taken first by the cabin leaders to try to make the distressed camper feel at home. We try to encourage campers to stick it out through the night, and try to allow phone calls only in the morning rather than evening. However, in extreme cases (where the camper is clearly not enjoying himself), we will allow evening phone calls. At that point, it is the parent's discretion whether to pick their child up, visit, or let a phone call suffice.

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Spring 2020 
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