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We will be holding two different off-site week-long day camps for children ages 6-12. Silver Valley will run from Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm and Cleardale will run from Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm. The cost for one week of camp is $110, which includes tuck and a camp t-shirt. Check out the camp dates to the left. 


What to bring to day camp?

All articles of clothing must be labeled. Children do lose things. Help us get them back to you! This is the minimum you will need:​​

  • bagged lunch (nut free)
  • weather appropriate/durable clothing for a busy day of activities
  • long pants (for hikes in the trees)
  • sweater and rain jacket
  • runners (needed)
  • sandals (optional)
  • hat and sunscreen
  • bug spray
  • Bible
  • pen and notebook
  • swimsuit/towel


Please do not bring:

Cell phone, non-prescription drugs, radio, MP3 players, video games, jewelry  chewing gum, expensive clothing, inappropriate clothing (too revealing or offensive logos).


Day Camp Activities

  • Chapel and Devotions
  • Sports
  • Field Games
  • Archery
  • Rocketry*
  • Orienteering/Shelter Building
  • Hiking
  • Slingshots

*Dependent on the weather


  1. We do not allow cell phones on the property to ensure campers' privacy. Please don't bring digital cameras. Disposable ones are allowed but remember all campers will receive a free highlight DVD.
  2. All lost and found items not claimed by September may be taken to the local thrift store.  Please label your clothing.
  3. Please consider the current and forecasted weather and temperature when choosing clothing for the day.
  4. If necessary to be taken during the day, any medicine (including OTC and vitamins) brought to camp must have the child's name on it, be in its original container and given to the camp First-Aid attendant upon arrival.

These day camps will be held in different communities, at the church.

Have more questions?  

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions!

Off-site Day Camp Dates

Silver Valley
July 29-August 2 for ages 6-12  

August 5-9 for ages 6-12


Online registration available March - September
Registration available March - September
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